[2 / 21-4 / 3 exhibition]101-year-old “Matsusaki no Hina-sama” free of charge for overnight stays and meals

In Kanazawa, there is a custom to decorate dolls until the festival of peaches in the lunar calendar,
Matsusaki is also on display from February 21 to April 3.

The “crepe decoration” is gorgeously decorated with the chicks,
We are pleased with our customers every year.

Guests staying and dining are free to watch.
Please come to see the chicks.

* The entertainment room at the exhibition location
We are on the way to the new building open-air bath.


The fifth generation sister born in 1917,
It was obtained from my mother’s home (Awazu Onsen).




The toys and various dolls displayed together,
It belongs to six sisters who were nine brothers,
It is thought to be from Taisho to around 1945.


We decorate “crepe decoration” with chicks.